How Swifthome could help you with an inheritance

The loss or placement of a beloved one in a nursing home is a tough step. Not to mention responsibilities coming in pairs within this difficult time, especially around a property they used to own.

Swifthome supports you in the most delicate situations

Life may bring to our path painful times. The placement of our elders in a nursing home, the loss of a beloved one or the settlement of an inheritance between family members can be very heavy emotionally. To lighten the weight of your shoulder when a property is involved, Swifthome has tailored an easy 4 steps process to smooth real estate transaction procedures. With an instant valuation, followed by an assessment visit from one of our experts, our purchase offer is submitted within only few days. Once agreed and accepted, we meet at the notary for the signature of the deed of sale. The transaction can be finalized within 15 days, freeing you from a particularly stressful and overwhelming situation.

Swifthome, your preferred real estate partner

You may face a situation where selling your property become a necessity and sometime an emergency. However, this is usually a long and complex process. By choosing Swifthome, avoid any burden and have the certainty of selling your accomodation promptly, allowing you, at the same time, to take care and manage the hassles that an inheritance can bring.


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