A new addition to your family? Swifthome helps you acquire your new home

As a houseowner with a growing family, you have found a new property, but your bank cannot grant you a second loan? Expecting a baby is a wonderful news and most of the time, a new addition to the family raises several concerns, in particular the space and room available in your accommodation.

When the family grows, amenities are often questioned: Is your accommodation spacious enough? Should you consider relocating from the city to a quieter environment? Would it be easier to get closer to the grandparents for the care of the children? After embarking on a careful search of the house of your dreams, you finally find the perfect property to start your new family life. You must act fast; the demand is very high, and you do not want to miss this opportunity. Unfortunately, all your own funds are already invested in your current accommodation, and it is impossible for you to finance a second object simultaneously.

Swifthome helps you buy your home in 15 days

In most cases, finding your dream home is much easier than getting a second loan from the bank. Swithome provides a quick and efficient solution in 15 days: we buy your apartment or house, thus allowing you to purchase your next property. A forward sale is signed at the notary with the payment of a 20% deposit which allows you to commit to your new acquisition while remaining in your current residence until your new accommodation becomes available or is built.

Your advantages with Swifthome

By entrusting the purchase of your property to Swifthome, you receive the financial contribution to reserve your new property. In addition, it also exempts you from paying a penalty on the early termination of a fixed rate mortgage, an amount that can reach several thousand Swiss Francs. In this case, this mortgage can be transferred to the new accomodation while also saving the costs of creating mortgage notes.

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