Are you planning to move from Switzerland? Swifthome buys your property right away!

Life often leads us to make many decisions such as moving abroad. Whether you decide to move within or outside Switzerland, Swifthome is willing to buy your property quickly which eases your transfer process to your future destination.

A solution whether you a moving from or within Switzerland

Are you moving to another canton or abroad for professional or personal purpose? Are you a property owner who does not know what to do with your current accommodation? Do you need funds urgently? Therefore, the best solution is finding a new acquirer the soonest if you wish to settle financial aspect and all administrative processes prior your departure.

Following a first online estimation and a visit from one of our real estate experts, Swifthome quickly buys your property at a price according to the real estate market value of your region. Thus, you will be able to undertake your new life projects with a mind freed from all constraints.

Swifthome, your preferred real estate partner

Selling your current property is crucial especially if you only have a short time to move in your new acquisition. This process may take several months and, in some cases, up to years. Swifthome facilitate the procedure by submitting a purchase offer within few days, taking away this stress off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on your brand-new journey.


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