Have you been trying to sell your property for months? It only gets Swifthome few days to buy it!

Do you own a property and wish to sell it? Yet, you are not getting any purchase offer and it has been months that you are trying to find a new owner for your accommodation. Swifthome may appear as the best solution to free you from this situation: We buy any property as-is in the Arc Lémanique region within few days!

Swifthome supports you even in the most complex and delicate situations

The cycle of life may lead us in painful paths and realities. Whether it is the assignment of our elders to a nursing home, the loss of a beloved one or the settlement of an inheritance; some cases are hard to deal with. We, at Swifthome, understand your worries and to enable the transaction, we have tailored an easy 4 steps process to take this weight off your shoulder: Through our online tool, get your property eligibility range instantly. Book a slot with one of our experts for a valuation visit and receive a purchase offer within the next coming days. In the matter of an offer agreement, we will meet at the notary for the signature of the deed of sale. The transaction may be finalized within 15 days at the earliest, relieving you from an overwhelming duty in such difficult times.

Swifthome, your trustful real estate partner

In many cases, real estate transactions must be completed as quickly as possible. However, this is usually a long and tedious process. By choosing Swifthome, avoid this constraint and be certain to sell your accommodation promptly, allowing you, at the same time, to close all administrative hassles that may come in pair with inheritance.


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