How Swifthome meets your needs in the age of the snapshot

Nowadays, the pace of life is becoming more and more sustained with a tendency to obtain what is desired now through simple clicks: online purchases, travel reservations or even home meal deliveries. The speed of services has become a new requirement, even a habit in today's societies. Swifthome answers this need and offers to buy your property almost instantly, within 15 days.

Swifthome understands the necessity and comes with a solution within 15 days

Various reasons lead you to leave your home: the maintenance is too demanding, a lack of space, a new position abroad, a divorce, a parent placed in a nursing house or major renovations. Some cases may become a burden owners would like to untie as quickly as possible - You must act fast and Swifthome enables you in 4 quick and easy steps.

Swifthome offers an instant solution thanks to its 4-steps method:

1. Assess your property online for free. To calculate the approximate value of your property, our software will request your address and additional information.

2. After assessment completion, one of our experts will get in touch within 48 hours to organize a visit to evaluate your property at your convenience. 

3. A binding offer will be submitted within the next 3 days and will remain open for 7 days. 

4. If you accepted our purchase offer, we will meet at the notary for the the deed of sale signature where you can opt between two options: 

     A. Receive the full amount of the transaction by giving us the keys,
     B. If you wish to remain in your residence until you are ready to move-out, get a first 20% deposit and receive the balance when you will hand-over the keys.

Swifthome's priority is providing a quick solution to homeowners who wish to sell their house or apartment as soon as possible.


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