Sell your property and start a brand-new chapter abroad

You may have been considering leaving Switzerland for several years and starting a new chapter abroad. One day, a job opportunity comes along, and a new position awaits you on the other side of the globe. However, you own a property in Switzerland and must decide on the future of your residence. This decision is not an easy one and requires a long reflection since it could turn to be a source of revenue that you will certainly need to start your brand-new life.

Shall you rent or sell your property?

Between administrative procedures related to your new project and the decision on your home, as most of homeowners, you will feel overwhelmed especially when the date of departure approaches. If you choose to rent your residence, depending on its condition, you may need to bring some small fix, arrange on-site tours, appoint a trusted person to manage the rental and finally match your departure date with your tenant’s entry. In the context of a traditional sale, in addition to the above actions, you’ll face uncertainty in the timeline and the conclusion of the transaction.

Why not opting for serenity and security?

To help you accomplish your goal with confidence and as soon as possible, Swifthome commits to buy your apartment, villa or house, as-is within 15 days, thanks to its 4 simple steps: 1) Estimate your property for free using our online tool, 2) if the estimation suits you, meet one of our experts so he can evaluate your property on-site, 3) 48 hours after his visit, get an offer for your validation, that remains opened for 7 days, 4) in case of agreement, we will sign a deed of sale (direct or forward) at the notary, giving you access to cash almost immediately, while giving you time to organize your departure.

Swifthome's priority is to offer a solution to homeowners who wish to sell their home as soon as possible with the utmost discretion.


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