Sell ​​your property as is, without renovating it

Selling your house or apartment is not always easy. After putting your property for sale, you are now realizing the process is taking longer than expected. The obsolescence and overall condition of your property can slow down few potential buyers who are unable to project. Unfortunately, this may jeopardize transaction’s conclusion.

Swifthome meets your need to sell quickly

Whether it is a sale struggling to be concluded or simply, the lack of time or resources for renovation, Swifthome buys any property (house or apartment), as is, within only 15 days!

4 quick and easy steps

Swifthome's priority is to provide, above all, a solution to owners who absolutely want to sell their property as soon as possible. Its 4 simple and quick steps facilitate the process: 1) Find out about your property’s eligibilties, in a few clicks, using our online assessment tool, 2) meet one of our real estate experts for a detailed valuation and receive a purchase offer 5 days after his visit, 3) show your interest by accepting the offer within 7 days and finally, 4) once the offer accepted, we will meet, at the notary to sign the deed of sale.

With Swifthome, have the confidence and certanty to sell your property quickly and discreetly. We are committed to buy your house or apartment as is within 15 days.


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