Are you an owner considering a new property to buy but you are missing the required funds, have an opened mortgage and would like to avoid the hassle of a double move? Then, Swifthome is the solution you are looking for!

The purchase of a new property is not always an easy process for an owner: you need to have the adequate funds required by the law and the penalties you may face in case of early mortgage repayment can also be a reason to retract.

Barriers to consider when purchasing a new property

Homeowners who wish to buy a new accommodation face two major barriers: the capital required to obtain a bridging loan by the bank and the early repayment of the existing mortgage.

In the first case, in Switzerland, the owner should be able to provide at least 20% of the purchase value of the selected property. In general, the adequate funds are not available. Therefore, most homeowners count on the sale of their current accommodation which can take several months, thus miss the opportunity of a new acquisition.

Yet, if they succeed to find a buyer, the other inconvenience to consider is the early payment of the mortgage contracted. Indeed, depending on the amount and duration of the fixed rate, penalties dues are substantial.

Swithome consolidates those two major barriers with a forward sale offer within 15 days only. By accepting our purchase offer, the owners will perceive 20% deposit of the transaction upon deed of sale signature at the notary which will enable them to request a bridging loan to the bank. This process will allow the owners to keep their current loan and proceed to a loan transfer for their new acquisition, avoiding significant penalties for early repayment.

Avoid a double move

Indeed, opting for a forward sale will enable owners to remain at their current accommodation until their new one is available, especially if this is an off-plan purchase. Swifthome is offering to ease this transition period to avoid the burden of a double move.

Swifthome, an efficient solution to buy a new property quickly

Buying a property is not as easy when you are already an owner, considering all the significant charges that apply related to the current mortgage. With its direct purchase offer, Swifthome eases the process drastically and owners do not need to deal with complex financial situations.


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