Getting rid of an inheritance and avoiding a long sale process

Losing a beloved one is a painful path and in some cases family members may face complexities when it comes to a property division. Although this was our beloved one’s last will, the heirs unwillingly end up owning an accommodation they do not wish to keep.

The condition of a property

Often, a house or apartment received as an inheritance is far too old and its condition makes it difficult to live in. The heirs will have to undertake major renovation work and dedicate a lot of their time to put everything into action.

Swifthome buys your property as is within 15 days

To prevent this inheritance from becoming a source of stress for family members, Swifthome buys your property as is, within 15 days. Thanks to its 4 simple steps, Swifthome eases the sale procedure and concludes a transaction quickly: 1) Assess your property eligibility for free in few clicks, using our online tool, 2) meet one of our experts who will evaluate the property, 3) receive an offer 48 hours after his visit, to be accepted within 7 days, 4) meet us at the notary for the deed of sale signature.

In some cases, inheritance may become the cause of great concern within a family. Therefore Swifthome's priority is to provide a quick solution to owners who wish to sell their house or apartment as soon as possible and with complete discretion.


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