About us

Founded in September 2020, Swifthome SA is a real estate service tailored for owners who need to sell their property fast. Through our experience and expertise, we designed a process standing out from the traditional sale by the swiftness and efficiency our service delivers thanks to our 4 simple and effective steps.

We buy your house or apartment as-is. The 15 days deadline is met as this is a direct sale between you and Swifthome SA. We then become the new owner of your property at the signature of the deed of sale at the notary. Once your accommodation is vacant, we will handle the staging and, depending on the condition, renovate it to welcome future owners in their new home.

Why choosing Swifthome?

What matters the most to us is finding a solution to ease your situation whether you…

  • Need to sell your current home to enable the purchase of a new property. The cash from the transaction will secure your reservation. More FAQ

  • Inherit a property you wish to sell to cover financial gap.

  • Need the help from nursing home to take care of your parents; the transaction will enable you to support medical care and nursing home fees.

  • Plan to leave Switzerland on a short notice.

  • Have fallen behind on mortgage payments and are now facing possible foreclosure.

  • Are simply ready to sell your property without the burden of repair or renovation.

  • Are a couple going through a divorce and need a quick way to sell the property for division.

  • Have been unsuccessful to sell your property for months.

  • And many more example where Swifthome can provide a quick and efficient solution.

Swithome understands the complexity of some cases and we commit to provide a professional, transparent, and reliable service.

Our experts remain at your disposal to discuss benefits of choosing Swifthome and submit an offer.

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Which criteria define the purchase offer submitted by Swifthome?

Swifthome calcultates its purchase offer based on both analytics software and our experts ‘on-ground valuation of your property. Both results help determine the market value of your property as accurate as possible. The compilation of all these data enables Swifthome's team to come up with a competitive offer and close a transaction within 15 days.

Elements considered to calculate your property's eligibility are as per follows:

  • Real estate market's situation in your neighborhood is one of the major indicators when establishing our offer. We are using latest estimation software, applied by professionals and financial institutions that defines valuations, putting together all real estate transactions of a specific area.
  • The location and the type of property (view, public transportation, nuisance, number of rooms, bathrooms, parking spaces, etc…)
  • The condition of your property, whether it needs a small fix or total renovation
  • Charges and repairs to come within the PPE framework
  • In addition to the above, the experience and know-how of our experts with property valuation.

You can choose between a direct or forward sale in case you wish to stay few more months in your accomodation.

In the context of a forward sale, you will receive a 20% deposit immediately. Swifthome grants you a period running up to 18 months where you have the option to sell for a better price to another buyer. Once this period has expired, two scenarios may apply:
  1. Swifthome officially becomes the new owner of your property, you hand-over your keys and receive the balance of transaction.
  2. You manage to sell to a third party; you then reimburse the 20% deposit with a commission for the withdrawal that covers the financial and notary costs
Swifthome's priority is to offer a quick solution to owners who wish to sell their property as quickly as possible.
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