With Swifthome, be certain to sell your property fast and discreetly once you accept our offer.

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1. Assessment

3 days

Assess the value of your property

Complete our online form to assess your property's eligibility. According to the answers provided, our software will calculate an indicative price range.

2. Valuation

5 days

Has our assessment result confirmed your interest to sell ? Meet our expert!

3 days following your meeting request, our expert will come visit your property for a detailed valuation. Be ready with all documents required (floor plan, PPE regulations, general meetings records, insurance) to ease the process

3. Offer

7 days

Get a firm offer 5 days after meeting our expert.

This will remain opened for 7 days. This is a firm offer. By accepting it, this grants you the certainty to sign deed of sale at the notary.

4. Signature

At the notary, kindly choose between…

A. receiving the total amount of the transaction and handing-over your keys (direct sale).


B. getting 20% at the signature at first. The balance will be transfered once you vacate your property and hand-over the keys if you need to remain for few months (forward sale).

Our offer is ferm, don't be affraid of potential withdrawal ! Be certain to sell your property once you accept our offer.

What's your situation ?

  • A new assignment abroad
  • A new acquisition
  • Inheritance
  • Placing a parent in a nursing home
  • A divorce

Selling to SwifthomeVSSelling the traditional way

4 simple and efficient steps:

  1. Online estimation
  2. Expert visit
  3. Get an offer within 48H
  4. Signature of the deed of sale

Tailored service

based on your situation, your deadline setting and financial needs
Trusted partnership, offer locked and guaranteed without withdrawal
Commission free service

Selling to SwifthomeVSSelling the traditional way

A long and complex process:

  • How to sell?
  • Shall we request some support?
  • Where to find potential buyers?
Not only immediate sale is rare but also flexibility is low when it come to deadlines. Moreover deal conditions are most of the time not at the seller's profit
Uncertancy to sell : possible withdrawal, delay, mortgage not granted and many more…
Important fees to handle : application, marketing and many more…
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